Service Quality of Google Pay

Asma Fadzlin binti Abdul Rashid, Auni Shahirah binti Mohd Shafiee, Arsyad Syafie Bin Hazren, Atfaan Mansoor, Dr. Rosmelisa Yusof, Dr. Gan Kia Hui, Alvin Nugraha Putra, Alya Aprilya Rachmanu, Puneet Jain


This study aims to evaluate service quality while using Google Pay. This study demonstrates that digital payment is emerging as an important platform in realizing the Go Cashless mission. Due to world globalization, this industry has become more significant since people nowadays are more comfortable with making an online transaction. Hence, it is more justifiable to take further action in making digital payments a norm. This research project aims to understand the factors that influence service quality of Google Pay. Many factors can influence the satisfaction of the users. However, this study will focus on perceived risk, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and awareness. For the research methodology, we collect data from  users using a questionnaire and analyze the result using SPSS. This study is believed to help us in understanding the major factors that can impact Google Pay’s service quality.

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