Call For Papers

Call For Papers

Asia Pacific Journal of Management and Education (APJME)

E-ISSN: 2655-2035 

Asia Pacific Journal of Management and Education (APJME) is an academic and peer-reviewed publication (Online ISSN: 2655-2035) on Association of International Business and Professional Management published in Indonesia. The journal is an open access journal and published quarterly.

APJME aims to feature narrative, theoretical, and empirically-based research articles relevant to management and education area. We also strive to develop a better understanding on education as well as management fields.

APJME has a mission to be carried out which is to bring up the latest topic research on management and education fields in hope to contribute to the community in Asia Pacific countries.



Schedule of publication in APJME (20 March)

Manuscript submitted: 20 December
Manuscript revised: 20 January
Accepted for publication: 20 February


Schedule of publication in APJME (20 July)

Manuscript submitted: 20 April
Manuscript revised: 20 May
Accepted for publication: 20 June

Schedule of publication in APJME (20 November)

Manuscript submitted: 20 August
Manuscript revised: 20 September
Accepted for publication: 20 October

Review time is 30-60 days and the paper will be published in 90 days since the submission.

We hope to receive your submissions and be able to publish your papers in one of APJME issues.

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