Call for Papers

Call For Papers


 P-ISSN: 2685-8800 | E-ISSN: 2654-7945

International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality in Asia Pasific (IJTHAP) is an academic, interdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed publication (Print ISSN: 2685-8800 and Online ISSN: 2654-7945) on Association of International Business and Professional Management published in Indonesia. The journal is an open access journal and published quarterly.

IJTHAP aims to enhance theoretical development in the field of hospitality and tourism. In order to promote those innovations and fresh ideas, the journal alsso accepts conceptual research, book review, as well as essays of experience belongs to hospitality practitioners.

The journal aspires to publish scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles, offering authors and readers alike a combination of academic rigor as well as professional development. We also strive to develop a community composed of professionals and experts from anywhere around the globe.



Schedule of publication in IJTHAP (20 February )

Manuscript submitted: 20 December
Manuscript revised: 10 January
Accepted for publication: 20 January

Schedule of publication in IJTHAP (20 June)

Manuscript submitted: 20 April
Manuscript revised: 10 May
Accepted for publication: 20 May

Schedule of publication in IJTHAP (20 October)

Manuscript submitted: 20 August
Manuscript revised: 10 September
Accepted for publication: 20 September


Review time is 30-60 days and the paper will be published in 90 days since the submission.

We hope to receive your submissions and be able to publish your papers in one of IJTHAP issues.

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